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Projects that can improve the value of your home

Now that the housing market is once again on the upswing, perhaps you’re considering that remodeling project you’ve been dreaming about. In a down market, that kitchen remodel may not have been the best option. But now, with lower than ever interest rates and housing sales on the rise, the investment you make in your home today, will pay back not only in utility and function while you’re still occupying your home, but also in profit if or when you sell, making that remodel not such a bad idea after all.

When looking at midrange remodels, twelve out of the twenty-two projects listed offer over 100% return on investment here in New England! That’s wonderful news for folks considering selling their home in the current market. A minor kitchen remodel might recoup 129% of costs whereas the national average yields only 75%. Projects range from replacing the entry door to major kitchen remodels or family room additions.

Most of the projects offering the highest return on investment are ones that offer curb appeal such as front door and window replacement or a deck addition. Also critical upon entering a home is the status of the kitchen. Dated and tired looking kitchens offer no real value.

The top projects for return on investment are as follows:

  1. Entry Door Replacement (steel) – 131%

  2. Minor Kitchen Remodel – 129%

  3. Deck Addition (wood) – 129%

  4. Window Replacement (wood) – 121%

  5. Bathroom Remodel – 119%

  6. Attic Bedroom Remodel – 114%

  7. Major Kitchen Remodel – 107%

Now you can rest assured that taking on any one of these projects will certainly improve the value of your home not to mention your quality of life while you’re still residing there. If you have a spouse or partner that needs convincing to move forward on that remodel, show them the facts. These numbers are hard to resist.